Pints with Jack

Discovering the truth & beauty of Christianity through the works of C.S. Lewis


Join Matt & David every Tuesday morning as they share a drink and unpack a chapter of C.S. Lewis work: "Mere Christianity", "The Great Divorce" and, this Season, "Till We Have Faces"...

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In 2018, Matt and David sat down with a camera crew and recorded a twelve-part series, discussing some of the major themes found in Lewis' popular apologetic work, "Mere Christianity"...

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"It's great to see two friends share their faith and joy...and love of C.S. Lewis (Jack)'s contagious" 

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"What a unique podcast! I try new ones from time to time, but frequently can't makeit through a single episode. This one, though, I just have to keep listening!"


Enjoy weekly posts by Matt & David as they dive deeper into topics from the podcast, as well as more general themes in the writings of C.S. Lewis


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"I don't know why it took me until the 2nd season to find this podcast, but i'm so thankful I did. This is one of the best podcasts I've listened to!"