Welcome Post!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the new Pints with Jack blog! Today is the start of Season 3, and with that comes many new and wonderful offerings which we can’t wait to share with you all!

The journey so far...

David and I started the Pints with Jack podcast back in 2017. Back then, we were calling it The Eagle and Child, named after one of Lewis' favourite pubs in Oxford.

Two years later and we are finally beginning our third book study...sheesh, we're slow! The journey so far has been incredible, and we could never have imagined how great it would be. The response from you, our listeners, has been so heart-warming. The messages we get from you guys every week has been such a joy for both of us, and we are incredibly grateful for you all.

The next level...

Because of your commitment to this podcast, David and I want now to take everything to the next level. This has meant a new website, a new logo, an updated YouTube channel and a new blog. That's not all, though. There will be more announcements before the end of Season 3...

The purpose of all these changes is to help build a stronger community of C.S. Lewis readers who help one another discover the inexhaustible truth and beauty of Christianity through Jack's writings.

What to expect on the blog...

The podcast will continue to be the primary focus of Pints with Jack. However, each week we will post an article on this blog, sometimes about the book we are studying and other times about some other topic. Some posts may be more academic and scholarly, while others may be more personal as we share with you our spiritual journeys and talk about what's been on our hearts.

As we begin this blog, we ask for your grace and prayers as we get a feel for how it will evolve.

God Bless,

Matt & David.